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NOAA's Efforts to Address Deep Coral Communities

In order to better respond to the emerging issues surrounding deep coral communities, NOAA formed a Deep Coral Communities Team in 2004 to coordinate NOAA’s activities and responses to external inquiries regarding deep coral communities.

During its first year, the cross-NOAA team responded to Congressional questions, generated Geographic Information System maps describing known deep coral community locations, contributed to international reports on deep coral communities and corals in general, began compiling a Status of U.S. Deep Coral Communities report, and created an inventory of NOAA's deep coral community work to date. This inventory, titled "Profiles of NOAA's Activities on Deep Coral Communities," can be downloaded at the CoRIS Library.

NOAA also supports deep sea research through its National Undersea Research Program and the Office of Ocean Exploration.  Both past and upcoming projects funded through these offices have supported research on deep coral communities.

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