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NOAA's Efforts to Reduce Threats to International Coral Reefs

Throughout the world, coral reefs are threatened directly and indirectly by a number of natural and anthropogenic stresses such as increased storm activities, coral bleaching, resource extraction, and coastal development.  Healthy coral reefs throughout the world are critical to U.S. efforts to promote economic stability, to improve human health, and to conserve biodiversity in other countries.  The National Action Strategy (NAS) calls for U.S. action to reduce international threats to coral reef ecosystems and promote to sustainable management of reef resources worldwide. 

NOAA has supported a number of international efforts to conserve coral reefs.  For the past several years, these projects have been focused on the following categories of activities:  Increasing the use and effectiveness of marine protected areas throughout the world; reducing the impacts of land-based sources of pollution on reefs; and reducing the impacts of international trade on coral reef species.

Categories of Activities:
General International
Increase Use and Effectiveness of MPAs
Reduce Land-Based Sources of Pollution
Reduce Impacts of International Trade