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NOAA's Efforts to Improve Use and Effectiveness of MPAs

Coral reef protected areas can safeguard these unique and important resources by protecting important habitats from human impacts.  Protected areas can also serve as important sources of coral larvae and juvenile reef fish for the surrounding ecosystem.  The National Action Strategy (NAS) calls on NOAA and its partners to improve the use and effectiveness of existing marine protected areas.  NOAA works with local, state, and federal partners and stakeholders to strengthen the effectiveness of existing protected areas.

NOAA and its partners are working to build and support networks of coral reef protected areas in the U.S., and to improve the effectiveness of protected area management.  NOAA scientists conduct research to support protected area design and adaptive management.  NOAA scientists also work to better understand the use of protected areas by a variety of species, including commercially important fish species.  In addition, NOAA and its partners conduct studies on the socioeconomic impact and the effectiveness of coral reef protected areas.

Categories of Activities:
Build and Support Systems and Networks of MPAs
Improve MPA Management Effectiveness
Conduct Science in Support of MPA Design and Adaptive Management