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This collection is a list of web-based information provided by national and international organizations involved in coral reef activities and research. Entries include the web site title, a link to the web site, and a brief description of each organization and its involvement with coral reefs. Items in this collection are searchable with Quick Search and Advanced Search.

This is a listing of all data sets in the CoRIS system for the category: Numeric Data Sets > Geochemistry

Title: NOAA Coral Reef Watch 25km Ocean Acidification Product Suite (OAPS) for January 1988 to the present covering the Greater Caribbean Region
Abstract: The NOAA Coral Reef Watch Experimental Ocean Acidification Product Suite (OAPS) offers an important synthesis of satellite and modeled environmental datasets to provide a synoptic estimate of sea surface carbonate chemistry in the Greater Caribbean Region. This tool compliments ongoing...
Spatial: N: 30.125 , S: 14.875 , E: -59.875 , W: -90.125 (Lat. & Long., in decimal degrees)
Dates: 19880101 - Present
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