Coral and artificial reef shape files, Broward County, Florida, (NODC Accession 0000244)

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What does this data set describe?

Coral and artificial reef shape files, Broward County, Florida, (NODC Accession 0000244)
Coral reef and artificial reef location shape files and accompanying table files for reefs located off shore of Broward County, Florida. Accompanying "attribute" tables provide information on artificial reef type, date of creation, and associated information. It is recommended that users be familiar with Arcview and compatible software in order to utilize these files. The shape files and associated files, when viewed through Arcview, are comprised of three "themes" or groups: 1) Broward County, FL, shoreline; 2) Offshore natural reefs; 3) Locations of artificial reefs. These files were archived at the National Oceanographic Data Center under NODC Accession # 0000244
Arcview or compatible program required to view the shape files; table files in .dbf format. Two of the files (artreef.dbf and reef.dbf) were exported at the NODC as blank-delimited ASCII files (artreef_NODCver.txt and reef_NODCver.txt) from dBaseIV to aid in archival ONLY. It is strongly recommended that users view these files through Arcview and compatible software. NODC Accession # 0000244

Resource Description: NODC Accession # 0000244

  1. How should this data set be cited?

    Kenneth Banks, Department Of Planning and Environmental Protection, Broward County, FL, 20000802, Coral and artificial reef shape files, Broward County, Florida, (NODC Accession 0000244): NOAA/NODC, Silver Spring, MD.

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  2. What geographic area does the data set cover?

    West_Bounding_Coordinate: -80.1
    East_Bounding_Coordinate: -80
    North_Bounding_Coordinate: 26.15
    South_Bounding_Coordinate: 25.57
    Natural and artificial reef locations superimposed over line of Broward County, FL shore; locations current as of date listed.

  3. What does it look like?

  4. Does the data set describe conditions during a particular time period?

    Calendar_Date: 02-Aug-2000
    Time_of_Day: Unknown
    Currentness_Reference: ground condition

  5. What is the general form of this data set?

    Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: PC-Arcview shape files

  6. How does the data set represent geographic features?

    1. How are geographic features stored in the data set?

      Coastal patch reefs and artificial reefs located along the Broward County, FL., shoreline.

    2. What coordinate system is used to represent geographic features?

      This local coordinate system was used: Coastal patch reefs and artificial reefs located along the Broward County, FL., shoreline.

      See associated .dbf tables for listing of geographic coordinates

  7. How does the data set describe geographic features?

Who produced the data set?

  1. Who are the originators of the data set? (may include formal authors, digital compilers, and editors)

  2. Who also contributed to the data set?

    Ken Banks, Broward County DPEP

  3. To whom should users address questions about the data?

    Kenneth Banks
    Department Of Planning and Environmental Protection (DPEP), Broward County, FL
    Environmental scientist
    218 S.W. 1st Avenue
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

    954-519-1207 (voice)
    954-519-1412 (FAX)

    Hours_of_Service: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
    Contact_Instructions: E-mail/call/FAX/leave voice mail

Why was the data set created?

These shape files provide location, identification, depth, and additional information on the artificial reefs offshore Broward County, Florida.

How was the data set created?

  1. From what previous works were the data drawn?

  2. How were the data generated, processed, and modified?

  3. What similar or related data should the user be aware of?

How reliable are the data; what problems remain in the data set?

How can someone get a copy of the data set?

Are there legal restrictions on access or use of the data?

Access_Constraints: None
Use_Constraints: None

  1. Who distributes the data set? (Distributor 1 of 1)

    NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center
    Attn: NODC User Services
    not applicable
    1315 East-West Highway, SSMC3, 4th Floor
    Silver Spring, MD 20910

    301-713-3277 or 3280 (voice)
    301-713-3302 (FAX)

    Hours_of_Service: 8:30 AM through 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday EST
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  2. What's the catalog number I need to order this data set?

    Downloadable Data

  3. What legal disclaimers am I supposed to read?

    NOAA makes no warranty regarding these data, expressed or implied, nor does the fact of distribution constitute such a warranty. NOAA and NODC cannot assume liability for any damages caused by any errors or omissions in these data, nor as a result of the failure of these data to function on a particular system.

  4. How can I download or order the data?

  5. Is there some other way to get the data?

    Contact the NODC User Services Group via phone/FAX/E-mail:

  6. What hardware or software do I need in order to use the data set?

    Transfer shape files as binary; .txt files as ASCII. To download directly from the NODC website, user must have access to an Internet browser and FTP capability. Knowedge of the ESRI software, Arcview, is strongly recommended for these data.

Who wrote the metadata?

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Sheri Phillips
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