ResourceArchipelago Reef Fish Average Size at First Reproduction Poster
"The Mariana Archipelago Reef Fish Average Size at First Reproduction is a key component of the Marianas Archipelago 'Size Matters' Campaign. It illustrates the average size at which key reef fish species reach reproductive maturity. The poster is accompa...
ResourceStudies on the biology of the reef fishes of Guam / by Steven S. Amesbury ; submitted to Bureau of Planning, Coastal Zone Management Agency, Government of Guam.
ResourceGuide to the coastal resources of Guam / Steven S. Amesbury and Robert F. Meyers.
ResourceUNEP-IOC-ASPEI Global Task Team on the Implications of Climate Change on Coral Reefs, first meeting, Guam, 27-28 June 1992.
ResourceProceedings of the Seventh International Coral Reef Symposium, Guam, Micronesia, 22-27 June 1992 / [editor, Robert H. Richmond].
ResourceWhat is natural? : coral reef crisis / Jan Sapp.
ResourceAssessment of the shoalwater environments in the vicinity of the proposed OTEC development at Cabras Island, Guam / edited by Richard H. Randall and Lucius G. Eldredge ; participating authors Bruce R. Best ... [et al.].
ResourceVolunteers build "rain garden" in Piti
"Brief summation on CRCP sponsored rain garden in Piti, Guam"
ResourceCoral reef newsletter.
ResourceBiological impact caused by changes on a tropical reef / by Robert S. Jones, Richard H. Randall, Michael J. Wilder.
ResourceFriends of Reefs Guam Site Scorecard (Online Version)
ResourceFriends of Reefs Guam Site Scorecard (Print Version)
ResourceCocos Island, Guam: Passive water sampling to inform restoration efforts
"What is the size and shape of a license plate and will monitor the waters of Cocos Island for the presence of chemical contaminants? In September, a team of scientists will deploy a series of passive water samplers known as PEDs, short for polyethylene d...
ResourceCommunity Monitoring program starts in Piti
ResourceGuam Community Coral Reef Monitoring Program. Sticker
Guam Community Coral Reef Monitoring member sticker with the logo 'It's my nature to protect coral reefs.'
ResourceGuam Community Coral Reef Monitoring Program
"Its our nature to protect coral reefs! Stay updated on coral reef monitoring training sessions and events at various beaches around Guam. This resource was first published in FY2011 and covers FY2012 requirements as well - it is continuously updated."
ResourceUSGS Pacific Coral Reefs Website
This web site is a gateway to USGS studies of coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean. Currently our efforts are concentrated in the main Hawaiian Islands and on the island of Guam. We focus on mapping, monitoring, remote sensing, sediment transport studies, and...
ResourceGuam Community Coral Reef Monitoring Program. Facebook
"The Guam Community Coral Reef Monitoring Program provides residents with the opportunity to get involved with protecting Guam's reefs. Participants learn about coral reef ecosystems and collect data that managers can use to make manage
ResourceGuam Department of Agriculture User Friendly Fishing Regulation Booklet
"The Department of Agriculture developed this User Friendly Regulation Booklet, to better inform local residents, visitors and the fishing community of Guams fishing laws and regulations to include allowable activities within Guams 5 Marine Preserves and ...
ResourcePublic Outreach and Education Cumulative Progress Report
ResourceEyes of the Reef Corals ID Guide
ResourceDesign and implementation of watershed restoration projects in the Manell and Geus Watersheds in southern Guam
"The primary objective of this project was to assess the Manell and Geus Watersheds and design demonstration projects to stabilize stream bank and create riparian buffers in the Manell and Geus Watersheds in Southern Guam. The project objective was to dem...
ResourceMedia Event Fliers
ResourceMan, Land, and Sea
These articles which ran from March - November 2002 are part of the 'Coral Reefs: An Educational Outreach Project to Develop Community Awareness and Promote Protection of our Regional Legacy' project. The abstracts can be found at the given URL.
ResourceStatus of the Coral Reefs of Guam
This is part of the biennial report on the condition of coral reefs in the United States and Pacific Freely Associated States. It is the scientific baseline for subsequent reports on the health of U.S. coral reef ecosystems that are to be used by NOAA and...