ResourceMarine protected areas
ResourceMarine protected areas
ResourceConnectivity: Science, People and Policy in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
ResourceMonitoring of reef fish aggregations and spawning aggregations on Riley's Hump, an MPA, and an examination of recruitment sources and sinks for the MPA
ResourceFish assemblages within two marine protected areas on the west Florida shelf
ResourcePreliminary results of NOAA's Meso-American system transport and ecology research cruise
ResourceAging juvenile gray snapper from Florida Bay using daily otolith increments
ResourceVariation in otolith microchemistry among three species of juvenile snappers (Lutjanus griseus, L. apodus, L. chrysurus)
ResourceVariation in otolith elemental signatures among three species of juvenile snappers inhabiting nursery regions within S. Florida
ResourcePreliminary evaluation of larval fish abundance and distribution in the waters of Kuwait
ResourceNorth Atlantic bluefin tuna larvae in the Gulf of Mexico (1977- 2005).
ResourceSpatial variation of otolith elemental signatures among juvenile gray snapper nursery regions within South Florida's marine ecosystems
ResourceBonefish (Albula vulpes) larvae in the Meso-American barrier reef-lagoon system
ResourceSouthern seashores; a world of animals and plants [by] William M. Stephens. Illustrated with the author's photos.
A discussion of the plant and animal life found in different seashore environments--sandy beaches, coral reefs, rocky shores, bays and harbors, or flats--of the southern states, particularly Florida.
ResourceCorals from the Chipola and Jackson Bluff Formations of Florida, by Norman E. Weisbord.
ResourceIn the coral reefs of the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, Bermuda / Hans W. Hannau, in cooperation with Robert C. Work ... [et al.].
ResourceGuide to corals & fishes of Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean / Idaz & Jerry Greenberg.
ResourceCaribbean reef invertebrates and plants : a field guide to the invertebrates and plants occurring on coral reefs of the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Florida / by Patrick L. Colin.
ResourceLooe Key Reef resource inventory / Arnfried Antonius, Arthur H. Weiner ... [et al.]
ResourceHandguide to the coral reef fishes of the Caribbean : and adjacent tropical waters including Florida, Bermuda, and the Bahamas / F. Joseph Stokes, in collaboration with the the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia ; illustrated by Charlotte C. Stokes.
ResourceThe ecology of reef fishes on isolated coral heads : an experimental approach with emphasis on island biogeographic theory / by James Anthony Bohnsack.
ResourceProceedings, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Workshop on Coastal Ecosystems of the Southeastern United States : a compilation of seminars, discussions, papers and biological summaries presented at Big Pine Key, Florida 18-22 February 1980 / prepared & edited by Robert C. Carey, Paul S. Markovits, James B. Kirkwood ; prepared for the Coastal Ecosystems Project, Office of Biological Services, Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.
A compilation of twenty-three papers presented at the Coastal Ecosystem of the Southeastern United States Workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to provide training on recent developments in understanding coastal ecosystems in the Southeastern United S...
ResourceCase history of a typical dredge-fill project in the northern Florida Keys--effects on water clarity, sedimentation rates and biota / by George M. Griffin.
ResourceWaterproof guide to corals & fishes of Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean / Idaz & Jerry Greenberg.
ResourceThe ecology of the south Florida coral reefs : a community profile / by Walter C. Japp.
This profile of the coral reef community of south Florida is one in a series of community profiles that treat coastal and marine habitats important to humans. Coral reefs are highly productive habitats which provide living space and protection from predat...