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ResourceGarapan Watershed Conservation Action Plan / [compiled by Kaitlin Mattos].
ResourceGarapan Watershed Conservation Action Plan
ResourceGarapan Conservation Action Plan Workshop Proceedings
Offline DataCRED Optical Validation Data for Saipan Anchorage Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, 2004
ResourceSummary from September 8-9, 2009 CNMI Municipal Stormwater Management Workshop, Garapan, Saipan
ResourceFacilitating community stewardship to protect and advocate coral reef conservation in Laolao Bay and Garapan coastal areas
ResourceCoral Reef Initiative Newsletters, 2012 and 2014
Offline DataCRED Optical Validation Data collected on Galvez Bank, Territory of Guam; Saipan Island, and Thirty Five Fathom Bank,Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, USA, in 2010 to support Benthic Habitat Mapping
ResourceMemorandum, to Dr. Kathy Chaston and Dana Okano, NOAA CRCP, and Rachel Zuercher, CNMI Coastal Resource Management, from, Anne Kitchell, Horsley Witten Group, date, May 9, 2012, Re, summary of CNMI Rain Garden Installation Clinic.
ResourceMapping Habitat Change in Saipan Lagoon, CNMI
ResourceWe must work together to make a difference now
ResourceLong-term Marine Monitoring Program final report : NA13NOS4820010, award period October 1, 2013- September 30, 2016 / edited by: David Benavente ; contributors: Rodney Camacho, John Iguel, Lyza Johnston, Steven Johnson, Ryan Okano, Denise Perez.
Downloadable Data2003 Reson 8101ER Multibeam Sonar Data from Cruise OES-03-07/AHI-03-07, Data Set Name Saipan.
ResourceClimate Change Vulnerability Analysis for US Pacific Reefs - Integrating Exposure, Resilience, and Social Adaptive Capacity
ResourceEnhancing Management of Pacific ESA-listed Corals with Improved Utility of Existing Data and Automated Image Analysis
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