Resource[Journal articles reladed to the South Atlantic Bight 2006 Expedition].
A collection of eleven newspaper and magazine articles derived from the South Atlantic Bight 2006 cruise aboard the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster.
Resource[Digital image highlights from EX1404L2] : [our deepwater backyard : exploring the Atlantic Canyons and Seamounts Exploration] / [U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Ocean Exploration and Research].
Collection of 35 highlight images in low resolution captured during EX1404L2: Our Deepwater Backyard: Exploring the Atlantic Canyons and Seamounts Exploration. Images in JPEG format.
ResourceTrophic interactions in Caribbean coral reefs / Silvia Opitz.
ResourceThe earth beneath the sea.
ResourceInternational Coral Reef Initiative [electronic resource].
"This page highlights the work of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in addressing the objectives of ICRI, including the Authority's role as the host of the ICRI Secretariat in 1997 and 1998."
ResourceThe Office of Protected Resources home page [electronic resource]
Presents activities of the Office of Protected Resources (OPR). The Office is under the Department of Commerce/United Stated National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration/National Marine Fisheries Service. The OPR provides program oversight, national policy...
ResourceReport of Workshop on Research and Training on Population and Development Dynamics of Rural Fishing Communities in Asia and Africa, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 24-26 January 1994.
ResourceThe Great Barrier Reef, and some mention of other Australian coral reefs. Rev. by Isobel Bennett.
ResourceThe Great Barrier Reef and adjacent isles : a comprehensive survey for visitor, naturalist and photographer / Keith Gillett, photography and related text ; Frank McNeill, general text.
ResourceCoral fishes; their care and maintenance [by] T. Ravensdale.
ResourceRegional variation in Indian Ocean coral reefs : the proceedings of a symposium, organized jointly by the Royal Society of London and the Zoological Society of London, held at the Zoological Society of London on 28 and 29 May, 1970 / edited by D. R. Stoddart, Maurice Yonge.
ResourceExploring the reef [by] Robert P. L. Straughan.
ResourceThe structure and distribution of coral reefs / Charles Darwin ; foreword by H.W. Menard.
ResourceSouthern seashores; a world of animals and plants [by] William M. Stephens. Illustrated with the author's photos.
A discussion of the plant and animal life found in different seashore environments--sandy beaches, coral reefs, rocky shores, bays and harbors, or flats--of the southern states, particularly Florida.
ResourceThe marine fauna of New Zealand: Scleractinian corals, by Donald F. Squires and Ian W. Keyes.
ResourceFishwatchers guide to west Atlantic coral reefs. Text by Charles C. G. Chaplin. Illustrated by Peter Scott.
ResourceSubmarine geology / by Francis P. Shepard.
ResourceBiology and geology of coral reefs / edited by O.A. Jones, R. Endean.
ResourceAtlas of Kaneohe Bay : a reef eco-system under stress / by Stephen V. Smith, Keith E. Chave, Dennis T.O. Kam, in collaboration with Gerald S. Key ... [et al.].
ResourceCorals from the Chipola and Jackson Bluff Formations of Florida, by Norman E. Weisbord.
ResourceIn the coral reefs of the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, Bermuda / Hans W. Hannau, in cooperation with Robert C. Work ... [et al.].
ResourceFishwatchers guide to west Atlantic coral reefs / text by Charles C. G. Chaplin ; illustrated by Peter Scott.
ResourceKeeping live corals and invertebrates / Robert P. L. Straughan.
ResourcePaleozoic corals of Alaska.
ResourceA year on the Great Barrier reef; the story of corals & of the greatest of their creations, by C.M. Yonge ...