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ResourceVieques Visitor Survey
ResourceProfessional Training for Puerto Rico's Department of Natural Environment and Resources Maritime Rangers
ResourceSalva Tres Palmas Campaign
ResourceFinal Report, Coral Reef Conservation Actions Extension 2006-2007, FY 2005 General Coral Awards NOAA Award Number NA05NMF4631039 "Public Awareness Campaign to Educate the Public Concerning the Coral Reefs of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands with a Focus on Safe Coral Reef Tourism"
ResourceSeasonal Variability in Coral Immunity in the Florida Keys, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico
Resource"Fishery independent surveys of commercially important fish and shellfish from mesophotic habitats"
ResourcePlan Estrategico del Cuerpo de Vigilantes del Departamento de Recursos Naturales y Ambientales
ResourceCoral Assembly 2011 Proceedings. Puerto Rico, US and British Virgin Islands: Improving Regional Reef Management
ResourceEducational products in support of Culebra's no take marine protected area in Puerto Rico
ResourcePuerto Rico artificial reefs evaluation on the east coast
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