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ResourceFagaloa coastal uses mapping - American Samoa 2012 - Aggregated fishing uses. Aggregated Recreation uses
ResourcePatterns of coral bleaching in American Samoa
ResourceMesophotic communities of the insular shelf at Tutuila, American Samoa
ResourceGeologic setting and ecological functioning of coral reefs in American Samoa
ResourceSubstratum stability and coral reef resilience: Insights from 90 years of disturbances on a reef in American Samoa
ResourceAmerican Samoas island of giants: Massive Porites colonies at Tau Island
ResourcePIFSC Cruise Report CR-07-006 (Cruise HI-06-02)
ResourcePIFSC Cruise Report CR-09-003 (Cruise 08-02)
ResourcePIFSC Cruise Report CR-10-011 (Cruise HA-10-01, Leg II)
ResourceCoral reef ecosystems of American Somoa: A 2002-2010 overview
ResourcePIFSC Small Boat Mission Report SB-12-16
ResourceCoral growth under thermal stress and shading in American Samoa
ResourceMigrations of green turtles in the central South Pacific
ResourceRapid ecological assessment of the marine invertebrate fauna of American Samoa and the U.S. Phoenix and the Line Islands
ResourceMonitoring herbivorous fishes as indicators of coral reef resilience in American Samoa
ResourceCharacterization of Coral Communities at Rose Atoll, American Samoa
ResourceCoral growth under thermal stress and different levels of light intensity in Acropora aspera
ResourcePIFSC Cruise Report CR-12-002 (Cruise SE-12-01)
ResourceTraditional knowledge of marine use and management in American Samoa: Documenting changes over time through interviews with elder fishers
ResourceA benthic terrain classification scheme for American Samoa
ResourceScaling of Injury to Reef Flat Habitats Resulting from Removal Actions of Grounded Vessels in Pago Pago, American Samoa
ResourceField guide of shallow water invertebrates of American Samoa / text and photography by Larry G. Madrigal.
ResourceCoral and reef-fish assessment of the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary / Charles Birkeland, Richard S.[sic] Randall, and Steven S. Amesbury.
ResourceFagatele Bay : National Marine Sanctuaries.
ResourceNatural history guide to American Samoa : a collection of articles / P. Craig, editor.
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