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ResourceGuam Local Action Strategy Factsheet
ResourceCommunity Monitoring program starts in Piti
ResourceThe Micronesia Challenge
ResourceGathering data about Guam's reefs
ResourceCoral reef recovery on Guam (Micronesia) after catastrophic predation by Acanthaster planci
ResourceWill 2014-2015 be the next big El Nino? If so, what might it mean for coral reefs?
ResourceComparison of a photographic and an in situ method to assess the coral reef benthic community in Apra Harbor, Guam
ResourceStudies on the biology of the reef fishes of Guam / by Steven S. Amesbury ; submitted to Bureau of Planning, Coastal Zone Management Agency, Government of Guam.
ResourceGuide to the coastal resources of Guam / Steven S. Amesbury and Robert F. Meyers.
ResourceUNEP-IOC-ASPEI Global Task Team on the Implications of Climate Change on Coral Reefs, first meeting, Guam, 27-28 June 1992.
ResourceProceedings of the Seventh International Coral Reef Symposium, Guam, Micronesia, 22-27 June 1992 / [editor, Robert H. Richmond].
ResourceWhat is natural? : coral reef crisis / Jan Sapp.
ResourcePIFSC Cruise Report CR-15-010 (Cruise SE-14-05)
ResourceStatus of the Coral Reefs of Guam
ResourceNew marine algal records from the Polynesia-Micronesia region of the Pacific Ocean
ResourceTowards an ecosystem-based approach of Guam's coral reefs: The human dimension
ResourceAn integrated coral reef ecosystem model to support resource management under a changing climate
ResourceManagement strategy evaluation applied to coral reef ecosystems in support of ecosystem-based management
ResourceStatus of Coral Reef Fish Assemblages and Benthic Condition Around Guam: A Report Based on Underwater Visual Surveys in Guam and the Mariana Archipelago, April-June 2011
ResourceA model of the effects of land-based human activities on the health of coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef and in Fouha Bay, Guam, Micronesia
ResourceCoral reef newsletter.
ResourceBiological impact caused by changes on a tropical reef / by Robert S. Jones, Richard H. Randall, Michael J. Wilder.
ResourceNearshore currents and coral reef ecology of the west coast of Guam, Mariana Islands / Howard D. Huddell, J. Craig Willett, Gregory Marchand.
ResourceCoral reef researchers : Pacific / compiled and edited by L. C. Eldredge, in cooperation with PSA [Pacific Science Association], SPREP [South Pacific Regional Environment Programme], UOG [University of Guam].
ResourceDesign and implementation of watershed restoration projects, Manell-Geus watersheds
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