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Clionid sponge surveys on the Florida Reef Tract suggest land-based nutrient inputs
Hurricane-induced propagation and rapid regrowth of the weedy brown alga Dictyota in the Florida Keys
Nutrient dynamics of Halimeda tuna on Conch Reef, Florida Keys: Possible influence of internal tides on nutrient status and physiology
Analyzing genetic connectivity of Caribbean and Florida mutton snapper
Severe 2010 cold-water event caused unprecedented mortality to corals of the Florida Reef Tract and reversed previous survivorship patterns
Coral Bleaching Early Warning Network Current Conditions Report 20101101
Responding to Climate Change: A Workshop for Coral Reef Managers
Treasures of the Deep-Deep Water Corals of the South Atlantic and the Oculina Bank: A Local Resource Workshop for Teachers
Planktonic linkages among marine protected areas on the south Florida and southeast United States continental shelves
Larval supply and recruitment of coral reef fishes to marine reserves in the Upper Florida Keys, USA
Acoustic signatures of the seafloor: tools for predicting grouper habitat
Habitat use of juvenile goliath grouper Epinephelus itajara in the Florida Keys, USA
Performance Evaluation of Marine Zoning in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Final Report Year 2
Cruise Report for the Florida Middle Ground and West Shelf Edge Cruises
Final Report on Responding to Climate Change: A Workshop for Coral Reef Managers
Rileys Hump, South Tortugas Ecological Reserve: A preliminary comparison of snapper grouper populations before and after marine reserve designation
An underwater digital stereo video camera for fish population assessment
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: Retrospective (1979-1995) reef fish assessment and a case for protected marine areas
Performance evaluation of marine zoning in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Restoring essential fish habitat in southeast Florida: mangrove and seagrass habitat design components and success monitoring
The use of otolith microchemistry to monitor and evaluate the movement of coral reef fish in South Florida waters
Investigating coral reef degradation at Alina's Reef in the Florida Keys: Cellular physiology of white grunt (Haemulon plumieri) as a biological indicator
Building sustainable fisheries in Florida's coral reef ecosystem: Positive signs in the dry tortugas
Evaluation of average length as an indicator of exploitation status for the Florida coral reef fish community
Patterns of juvenile habitat use and seasonality of settlement by permit, Trachinotus falcatus
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