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NOAA's Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS) is a web-based information portal that provides access to NOAA coral reef information and data products with emphasis on the U.S. states, territories and remote island areas. NOAA Coral Reef activities include coral reef mapping, monitoring and assessment; natural and socioeconomic research and modeling; outreach and education; and management and stewardship.

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CoRIS provides a variety of ways to access coral data including the new Geoportal search tool.

CoRIS Geoportal Search Tool
CoRIS Geoportal Search Tool

The Regional Data Portal provides background information on each geographic region and supports data queries that are based on particular locations of interest. The Map Search application displays an array of data products within a specific geographic area. The CoRIS Geoportal search feature provides access to data and metadata created by NOAA research, citations of peer-reviewed articles, references to NOAA publications and conference proceedings, and links to NOAA and other coral reef websites. On-line access to literature is provided when available.

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