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Ecosystem science to support ecosystem-based management of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
PIFSC Cruise Report CR-07-005
PIFSC Cruise Report CR-07-004
PIFSC Cruise Report CR-08-01
PIFSC Cruise Report CR-08-002
PIFSC Cruise Report CR-08-003
PIFSC Cruise Report CR-08-014
PIFSC Cruise Report CR-09-001
PIFSC Cruise Report CR-08-008
PIFSC Cruise Report CR-09-002
PIFSC Cruise Report SE-13-05 (OES-06)
Marine Invertebrates
Preliminary species inventory for marine invertebrates associated with the coral reef communities of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
Oceanographic conditions implicated In the 2002 Northwestern Hawaiian Islands bleaching event
Spatial distribution of large mobile predators in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Derelict Fishing Gear Accumulations in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands from 2001 to 2003
Acanthaster planci Distribution and Predation at Pearl and Hermes Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Towed-diver Surveys, a Method for Mesoscale Spatial Assessment of Benthic Reef Habitat: a Case Study at Midway Atoll in the Hawaiian Archipelago
Spatial distribution of the coral genus Acropora at French Frigate Shoals, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: an integration of multiple data sources
Mass coral bleaching on high-latitude reefs in the Hawaiian Archipelago
Satellite detection of 2002 coral bleaching in the Hawaiian archipelago
Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Passive Acoustic Monitoring Site KUR (Kure Atoll, NWHI) Ecological Acoustic Recorder (EAR), 19-September-2006 to 29-September 2008 Level 1 Analysis of Passive Acoustic Observations
Synopsis of the 2003 Marine Debris Field Season
Synopsis of the 2004 Marine Debris Field Season
NMSP/USGS joint seabed mapping initiative [electronic resource] : sanctuary mapping priorities identification process / [Christine Taylor and Brad Barr]
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