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Guam Community Coral Reef Monitoring Program. Sticker
Guam Community Coral Reef Monitoring Program. Program Newsletter
New data on benthic cover at Guam now available
The Micronesia Challenge
Protecting fish habitat in Guam
Archipelago Reef Fish Average Size at First Reproduction Poster
About the AIC jurisdiction Guam
Guam Community Coral Reef Monitoring Program
Rain Gardens (Guam)
Man, land, and sea
Guide to the coastal resources of Guam / Steven S. Amesbury and Robert F. Meyers.
UNEP-IOC-ASPEI Global Task Team on the Implications of Climate Change on Coral Reefs, first meeting, Guam, 27-28 June 1992.
Proceedings of the Seventh International Coral Reef Symposium, Guam, Micronesia, 22-27 June 1992 / [editor, Robert H. Richmond].
What is natural? : coral reef crisis / Jan Sapp.
Coral reefs [videorecording] : their health, our wealth.
Assessment of the shoalwater environments in the vicinity of the proposed OTEC development at Cabras Island, Guam / edited by Richard H. Randall and Lucius G. Eldredge ; participating authors Bruce R. Best ... [et al.].
Guam coastal atlas : providing benthic habitat data and other coastal information for the nearshore waters of Guam / prepared by David Burdick.
The economic value of Guam's coral reefs / Pieter van Beukering (ed.) ; Wolfgang Haider, Margo Longland, Herman Cesar, Joel Sablan, Sonia Shjegstad, Ben Beardmore, Yi Liu, Grace Omega Garces.
Background and Outputs from the Pacific Islands MPA Community Workshop, Tumon Bay, Guam, 28-31 August 2005 [electronic resource] / compiled and edited by the Steering Committee Members of the Pacific Islands MPA Community.
Parrotfish population dynamics from the Marianas Islands, with a description of the demographic and reproductive characteristics of Chlorurus sordidus [electronic resource] : final report to the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council / J.L. Mcllwain and B.M. Taylor.
Management of Acanthaster planci breakouts through monitoring and use of Acanthaster feeding attractants/deterrents [electronic resource] : Final Report (October 2005-September 2008) / principal investigator, Peter Schupp.
Coral reef crime scene investigation (CSI) South East Asia and South Pacific [electronic resource] : final report / prepared by International Coral Reef Action Nework.
Coral reefs of Guam : results from intensive surveys by NOAA PIFSC CRED May-June 2011 / [Coral Reef Conservation Program].
Testing the effectiveness of MPAs and other reef fish management strategies using agent-based models : final report / principal investigator, Mark H. Tupper.
Micronesia Challenge Newsletter
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