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CNMI CAP Review Report


The Nature Conservancy
CNMI CAP Review Report
Publication Date:
The Nature Conservancy NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program
"The Nature Conservancy (TNC) worked with the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) partners to complete a review of the status of the existing CAPs (Laolao Bay, Garapan and Talakhaya watershed) and effectiveness of the planning processes undertaken in guiding adaptive management within CNMI. To do this those who have participated in the development of the CAPs or management plans for CNMI were asked to complete a written assessment of the process. TNC also facilitated a focus group with key stakeholders to assess the effectiveness of the CAP and management planning processes as well as lessons learned during implementation. The following is a report on the information gathered through this process."
Electronic Access:
FY2017; CRCP Project ID: 198; Project Title: Domestic Coral Reef Conservation Grant Programs; Principal Investigator: Jenny Waddell; CRCP Grant Number: NA15NOS4820097

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