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The Everglades, Florida Bay, and coral reefs of the Florida Keys : an ecosystem sourcebook / edited by James W. Porter, Karen G. Porter ; photographs by Clyde Butcher.


The Everglades, Florida Bay, and coral reefs of the Florida Keys : an ecosystem sourcebook / edited by James W. Porter, Karen G. Porter ; photographs by Clyde Butcher.
Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, 2002.
Physical Description:
1000 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 26 cm
General Note:
"This volume of contributed papers is the outgrowth of a special symposium, "Linkages Between Ecosystems: The South Florida Hydroscape," convened at a jointly sponsored meeting of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography and The Ecological Society of America ... The joint meetings, titled "The Land-Water Interface: Science for a Sustainable Biosphere," was held in St. Louis, June 7-12, 1999"--Foreword.
General topics discussed in this volume include: Florida Everglades hydrology and nutrients, biota, and ecosystem modeling; Florida Bay water movements and chemistry, and biota; Florida Reef water movements and nutrients, and reef biota; policy, management and conservation.
Formatted Contents Note:
Introduction : the Everglades, Florida Bay, and coral reefs of the Florida Keys : an ecosystem sourcebook / James W. Porter -- The past, present, and future hydrology and ecology of Lake Okeechobee and its watersheds / Alan D. Steinman [and others] -- The effects of altered hydrology on the ecology of the Everglades / Fred Sklar [and others] -- Effects of anthropogenic phosphorus inputs on the Everglades / Paul V. McCormick [and others] -- Quantifying the effects of low-level phosphorus additions on unenriched Everglades wetlands with in situ flumes and phosphorus dosing / Daniel L. Childers [and others] -- Ecological scale and its implications for freshwater fishes in the Florida Everglades / Joel C. Trexler [and others] -- Linkages between the snail kite population and wetland dynamics in a highly fragmented south Florida hydroscape / Wiley M. Kitchens, Robert E. Bennetts and Donald L. DeAngelis -- Multi-taxon analysis of the "white zone," a common ecotonal feature of south Florida coastal wetlands / Michael S. Ross [and others] -- Modeling ecosystem and population dynamics on the south Florida hydroscape / Donald L. DeAngelis [and others] -- Maps and GIS databases for environmental studies of the Everglades / Roy Welch, Marguerite Madden and Robert Doren -- Nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon dioxide fluxes from south Florida habitats during the transition from dry to wet seasons : potential impacts of Everglades drainage and flooding on the atmosphere / Thomas J. Goreau and William Zamboni de Mello -- Transport processes linking south Florida coastal ecosystems / Thomas N. Lee [and others] -- Regional-scale and long-term transport patterns in the Florida Keys / Ned P. Smith and Patrick A. Pitts -- The transport of terrestrial nutrients to south Florida coastal waters / Larry E. Brand.
Linkages between the south Florida peninsula and coastal zone : a sediment-based history of natural and anthropogenic influences / Terry A. Nelsen [and others] -- Rapid remote assessments of salinity and ocean color in Florida Bay / Eurico J. D'Sa [and others] -- Spatial and temporal patterns of phytoplankton in Florida Bay : utility of algal accessory pigments and remote sensing to assess bloom dynamics / Laurie L. Richardson and Paul V. Zimba -- Modern diatom distributions in Florida Bay : a preliminary analysis / Jacqueline K. Huvane -- Seagrass distribution in south Florida : a multi-agency coordinated monitoring program / James W. Fourqurean [and others] -- Patterns of change in the seagrass-dominated Florida Bay hydroscape / Michael J. Durako, Margaret O. Hall and Manuel Merello -- Linkages between estuarine and reef fish assemblages : enhancement by the presence of well-developed mangrove shorelines / Janet A. Ley and Carole C. McIvor -- Nesting patterns of roseate spoonbills in Florida Bay 1935-1999 : implications of landscape scale anthropogenic impacts / Jerome J. Lorenz [and others] -- A view from the bridge : external and internal forces affecting the ambient water quality of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS) / Joseph N. Boyer and Ronald D. Jones -- Biotic phase-shifts in Florida Bay and fore reef communities of the Florida Keys : linkages with historical freshwater flows and nitrogen loading from Everglades runoff / Brian E. Lapointe, William R. Matzie and Peter J. Barile -- Shoreline nutrients and chlorophyll a in the Florida Keys, 1994-1997 : a preliminary analysis / Brian D. Keller and Arthur Itkin.
Tidal and meteorological influences on shallow marine groundwater flow in the upper Florida Keys / Christopher D. Reich [and others] -- The "ostrich" component of the multiple stressor model : undermining south Florida / Sydney T. Bacchus -- Detection of coral reef change by the Florida Keys Coral Reef Monitoring Project / James W. Porter [and others] -- The influence of nearshore waters on corals of the Florida reef tract / Clayton B. Cook [and others] -- Differential coral recruitment patterns in the Florida Keys / Jennifer I. Tougas and James W. Porter -- Aspergillosis of sea fan corals : disease dynamics in the Florida Keys / Kiho Kim and C. Drew Harvell -- Water quality concerns in the Florida Keys : sources, effects, and solutions / William L. Kruczynski and Fred McManus -- The role of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Initiative / Billy D. Causey -- The role of a nonprofit organization, Reef Relief, in protecting coral reefs / DeeVon Quirolo -- Patterns of coral reef development in the Negril Marine Park : necessity for a whole watershed management plan / Karen G. Porter [and others] -- Community-based water quality and coral reef monitoring in the Negril Marine Park, Jamaica : land-based nutrient inputs and their ecological consequences / Brian E. Lapointe and Katy Thacker.
Bibliography Note:
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Topical Term:
Ecohydrology Florida.
Coastal ecology Florida.
Wetland ecology Florida Everglades.
Marine ecology Florida Florida Bay.
Coral reef ecology Florida Florida Keys.
Coral reefs and islands Florida Florida Keys Management.
Coral reef conservation.
Geographic Name:
Everglades (Fla.) Environmental conditions.
Florida Bay (Fla.) Environmental conditions.
Florida Keys (Fla.) Environmental conditions.
Personal Name:
Porter, James W. (James Watson), 1946-
Porter, Karen G.
Butcher, Clyde, 1941-
Corporate Name:
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography.
Ecological Society of America.
Access Information:
LibraryLocationCall NumberTypeCopies
NOAA Central Library, Silver Spring, MDMISSINGQH105.F6 E9 2002BOOK1
NOAA Miami Regional Library, Miami, FLSTACKSQH105.F6 C67 2002BOOK1
NOS Rice Library, Beaufort, NCSTACKSQH105.F6 C67 2002BOOK1
SEFSC Miami Laboratory Library, Miami, FLSTACKSQH105.F6C67 2001BOOK1
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