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Status and trends of Caribbean coral reefs: 1970-2012


Status and trends of Caribbean coral reefs: 1970-2012
Publication Date:
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
Publication Place:
Washington, DC
Jackson, J., Donovan, M., Cramer, K., Lam, V. (eds.)
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
Type Period Note:
9th Status Report
"The overarching objective is to understand why some reefs are much healthier than others, to identify what kinds of actions have been particularly beneficial or harmful, and to vigorously communicate results in simple and straightforward terms to foster more effective conservation and management. This and subsequent reports will focus on separate biogeographic regions in a stepwise fashion and combine all of the results for a global synthesis in the coming years. We began in the wider Caribbean region because the historical data are so extensive and to refine methods of analysis before moving on to other regions. This report documents quantitative trends for Caribbean reef corals, macroalgae, sea urchins, and fishes based on data from 90 reef locations over the past 43 years. This is the first report to combine all these disparate kinds of data in a single place to explore how the different major components of coral reef ecosystems interact on a broadly regional oceanic scale. The main body of the report is in two sections. Part I provides an overview of overall status and trends and detailed analyses of the multiple factors responsible for the decline of reef corals throughout the entire wider Caribbean region. The editors are grateful to all the people who have so generously provided data and expertise, but we assume responsibility for the many statements, conclusions and recommendations and final wording of the text. Part II provides a more detailed analysis of the status and trends of coral reef ecosystems in the 32 countries, states, and territories for which we have data. The format includes maps indicating all locations sampled, a detailed table of data sources and sites surveyed, timelines of ecologically important events, and relevant references. Each of these reports was compiled in consultation with local experts and all those who provided data and advice are listed as authors of each country report."
Conservation management; Coral reefs; Environmental degradation; Fishery management; Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network Antigua and Barbuda; Bahamas; Barbados; Belize; Bermuda; British Virgin Islands; Caribbean region; Cayman Islands; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Dominica; Dominican Republic; Florida Reef Tract; Flower Garden Banks; French Antilles; Grenada; Guatemala; Honduras; Jamaica; Mexico; Netherlands Antilles, Bonaire; Netherlands Antilles, Curaao; Netherlands Antilles, Saba; Netherlands Antilles, St Eustatius; Netherlands Antilles, St Maarten; Nicaragua; Panama; Puerto Rico; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Trinidad and Tobago; Turks and Caicos Islands; United States, Virgin Islands; Venezuela; National Coral Reef Monitoring Plan (NCRMP); climatic monitoring
Electronic Access:
FY2014 CRCP Project ID 743; Project Title: National Coral Reef Monitoring Plan (NCRMP) Implementation (Climatic Monitoring); Principal Investigator: Jessica Morgan ~ Data funded in part by a NOAA grant agreement NA08NOS426037 to Florida Department of Environmental Protection
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Status and trends of Caribbean coral reefs: 1970-2012
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