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Pacific Islands Training of Trainers Course


The Nature Conservancy
Pacific Islands Training of Trainers Course
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The Nature Conservancy
"This report describes final workshop of the Pacific Islands Training of Trainers Course (TOT) held in Koror, Palau, on June 3-7, 2011. This two-part course consisted of an intensive, four-month online course that was mentored by global and regional experts on various course topics. The students had weekly assignments and engaged in virtual discussions throughout the course to further enhance their learning experience. This was followed by a week-long, in-person workshop to 1) establish fluency and familiarity with the toolkit content; 2) build skills to ensure success after the participants return to their countries; and 3) enable participants to leave the workshop with specific training action plans. The short-term goal was to have participants from the TOT work to train their local partners to build resilience into reef management and share the tools available for addressing the impacts of climate change. The TOT course brought together managers/trainers from throughout Micronesia and the Pacific Islands to learn and share ideas as well as further develop their training and facilitation skills. The course was designed to provide an atmosphere of exchange and creative problem solving so that participants finished with a specific draft-training plan for their locale. Resources recently developed through major international collaborations were highlighted and distributed to participants (e.g., Resilience Toolkit, Reef Managers Guide to Bleaching, etc.). Regional and global experts in coral reef management mentored and facilitated the online course and workshop. The objectives of the final TOT workshop: were designed to strengthen existing capacity within the region by training conservation leaders to be resilience experts in their communities and institutions. These trainees are expected to share what they learned in the workshop using the tools provided and skills acquired to implement additional trainings and apply the approaches in their communities. After completion, participants in the workshop are able to provide support and information to other coral reef managers working within their region, acting as critical nodes? within the Resilience Practitioners Network, enhancing linkages among managers within a region. Participants came away from the workshop well equipped with both the training curriculum and related resources; they will also receive ongoing updates and new resources as they are available."
Electronic Access:
FY2009 CRCP Project 20411; Project Title: Partnership Agreement with The Nature Conservancy; Principal Investigator: Jenny Waddell ~ FY09 CRCP grant NA09NOS4190173
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NOS/Office for Coastal Management (OCM)
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Pacific Islands Training of Trainers Course
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