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Second MC Terrestrial Measures Workshop


The Nature Conservancy
Second MC Terrestrial Measures Workshop
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The Nature Conservancy
"This is a workshop report of the 2nd Terrestrial Methods Workshop, held in Koror, Palau, on June 18-21, 2012. The purpose of this workshop was to build on the outcomes of the previous Micronesia Challenge (MC) Terrestrial Measures Workshop and arrive at a consensus on the proposed terrestrial monitoring indicators and methods, which will be used to assess the progress towards achieving the goals of terrestrial conservation under the MC. The workshop was also designed to fill the gaps in knowledge relating to monitoring of freshwater ecosystems identified in the first workshop, and bring in the expertise to refine the indicators and methods for this particular target. Funding support was generously provided by The Nature Conservancy, The Micronesia Conservation Trust, the Palau Conservation Society, and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. Major outputs from this workshop include the agreement on MC terrestrial monitoring indicators and proposed methods, an enhancement of knowledge and capacity regarding different methods and designs for monitoring terrestrial targets, and the creation of a MC Terrestrial Technical Working Group to continue dialogue and momentum for the terrestrial component. Following this workshop, the jurisdictions agreed to complete trial implementations of the terrestrial protocols for all targets, over approximately one year. Another meeting will be held after this time, to discuss successes and challenges, and finalize standard monitoring designs for the region."
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FY2009 CRCP Project 20411; Project Title: Partnership Agreement with The Nature Conservancy; Principal Investigator: Jenny Waddell ~ FY09 CRCP grant NA09NOS4190173
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NOS/Office for Coastal Management (OCM)
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Second MC Terrestrial Measures Workshop
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