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File Identifier: gov.noaa.nmfs.inport:52923
Metadata Date Stamp: 2020-04
Organization: National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
Organization Role: resourceProvider
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Title: NCCOS Assessment: Underwater Video and Photographs for Ground Validation and Accuracy Assessment of Benthic Habitat Maps of Saipan Lagoon, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, 2016-07-28 to 2016-08-09
Dataset Language: eng; US
Abstract: Underwater video and photographs were acquired between 28 July 2016 and 9 August 2016 at nearly 600 sites throughout the lagoon to document the presence and percent-cover of benthic substrate and cover types. Two sets of independent data were collected, one for Ground Validation (n = 292) and the other for Accuracy Assessment (n = 273). Abundances for five substrate and seven cover types were estimated to the nearest 10% in real time. These presence/absence data were used to create and evaluate the accuracy of the habitat predictions and map in Saipan Lagoon. For complete descriptions of these datasets and the methods used to generate them, please see: Kendall et al. (2017).
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Theme Topics: Oceans and Estuaries
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West Bounding Longitude: 145.684723941
South Bounding Latitude: 15.1209203637
East Bounding Longitude: 145.794770192
North Bounding Latitude: 15.2742160669
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Scope (quality information applies to): Dataset
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Contact Position: NCCOS Scientific Data Coordinator
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Format Name: MP4
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