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Pohnpei State, FSM Fisheries Symposium October 23-27, 2017


Wayne Andrew
Pohnpei State, FSM Fisheries Symposium October 23-27, 2017
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"Pohnpei State has seen alarming decline in its coastal fisheries over the last 15 plus years as scientist studying the Coast Fisheries of Pohnpei State such as Dr. Kevin Rohdes and others will attest to. Even over the last 15 years communities and partners both regional and state have made huge effort to curb this problem, but efforts prove to be not enough. Much work still needs to be done is what the Director of the Conservation Society of Pohnpei Mr. Eugene Joseph will say. On October 25th to the 27th marks a historic moment in Pohnpei State, as for the first time, the State held its first ever fisheries Symposium at the College of Micronesia in Palikir, Pohnpei. The goals and objectives are as follows: Goal: Bring Pohnpei together to discuss its fisheries status, come up with solutions, and commit to working together to implement a uniformed work plan. Objectives: 1. Increase knowledge and awareness around Pohnpei's fisheries status, current policies and remaining gaps. 2. Update Pohnpei's fisheries work plan based on current information, priorities, and resources. 3. Leveraging financial and technical support for Pohnpei State Coastal Fisheries work plan implementation. The event was hosted by the State of Pohnpei led by the Director of Resources and Development in partnership with the Conservation Society of Pohnpei and many other regional and local partners and communities. It brought together scientific experts such as Dr. Kevin Rohdes, Dr. Linsay Chapman from SPC and many others to share the latest science and status of Pohnpei Fisheries with State and Local Government Actors and the NGO partners to what solutions can be put forward in an action plan that everyone can unite to support to help reverse the trend of decline in the States Fisheries. PIMPAC as a active supporter in local practioners capacity development for Marine Protected Area Management was invited as a key facilitator and contributor to this historic event. Mr. Wayne Andrew along with Mr. Angel Jonathan who have helped advance PIMPACs capacity development program in the State were invited as facilitators and supporters to the symposium. What is worth noting is that the event concluded with a strong call to action document that was endorsed by the Governor and Speaker of the State of Pohnpei highlighting the need for science, traditional knowledge, culture, transparency, and effective policy as key ingredients to a united plan of action forward. The symposium call to action now awaits a new fisheries workplan that is being formulated by a working group using information and inputs from the symposium as a response to the call to action made by the State Leadership. This plan is anticipated to be bold and realistic to the needs an current capacity gaps of the State."
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FY2018; CRCP Project ID: 427; Project Title: Pacific Islands Managed and Protected Area Community and Micronesia Region Implementation Activities; Principal Investigator: Michael Lameier

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