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Sponges of Navassa: Unpublished photographic key


Wulff, J., Swain, T.
Sponges of Navassa: Unpublished photographic key
General Note:
Photographic Key from Florida State University
Publication Date:
This photographic guide was compiled from data collected during the 2004 NOAA survey of the coral reefs of Navassa and does not represent a comprehensive list of all Porifera in Navassa. Specifically missing are taxa that inhabit caves, overhangs, vertical walls; species that live in the interstices of the reef framework; and species found at depths greater than 50 meters. Specimens were identified by Janie Wulff and Timothy Swain of Florida State University using a combination of digital photography, field observations, and microscopic examination of siliceous spicules. Genera are organized into higher taxa according to Systema Porifera, Hooper & van Soest (ed.) 2002. We have purposefully erred on the side of splitting similar taxa for which a species designation could not be definitively assigned, in order to demonstrate the range of forms observed in this survey. Some species are shown with symbiotic zoanthids on the surface of the sponge, but zoanthids are not always present and should not be relied on for identification of the sponge taxa.
Electronic Access:
FY2005 CRCP Project ID 1056; Project Title: The Status and Exploitation of Reef Resources on Navassa Island; Principal Investigator: Margaret Miller

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