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ResourcePublic participation guide in the development and management of natural reserves with marine ecosystems in Puerto Rico
ResourceMonitoring of coral reef communities from natural reserves in Puerto Rico Isla Desecheo, Isla de Mona, Rincon, Guanica, Ponce, Caja de Muerto and Mayaguez, 2008-2009
ResourceDevelopment of interdisciplinary criteria to identify priority candidate no-take marine protected areas in Puerto Rico Integration of ecosystem-based and community-based models
ResourceFinal report of the project, developing a socioeconomic monitoring agenda for marine protected areas in Puerto Rico application of the SOCMON protocol
ResourcePuerto Rico's coral reef management priorities
ResourcePuerto Rican small scale fleet costs and earnings study
ResourceImplementation of an erosion control program to reduce sediment loading rates from land-based sources to the coral reefs of Culebra, Puerto Rico
ResourceLajas Valley Agricultural Reserve farm inventory of the Guánica Lagoon, El Anegado and adjacent areas Guánica, Puerto Rico
ResourceAn analysis of issues affecting the management of coral reefs and the associated capacity building needs in Puerto Rico
ResourceLocal action strategies (LAS) for coral reef conservation, 2011-2015 : Puerto Rico
ResourceMeasuring the effectiveness of an erosion control practice for watershed management : the case for hydroseeding
ResourceCanal de Luis Peña Natural Reserve, Culebra, Puerto Rico : Management Board agreement
ResourceNOAA selects Puerto Rico's Northeast Reserves and Culebra Island as new habitat focus area
ResourceLa NOAA selecciona las Reservas del Noreste de Puerto Rico y la Isla de Culebra como nueva área de enfoque de hábitat
ResourcePlan para la participación ciudadana y la educación ambiental Reserva Natural Arrecifes La Cordillera (2013-2015)
ResourcePlan para el cumplimiento efectivo de la reglamentación ambiental Reserva Natural Arrecifes la Cordillera (2013-2015)
ResourcePlan para participación y la educatión ambiental Reserva Marina Canal de Luis Peña (2013-2015)
ResourcePlan de cumplimiento efectivo del reglamento ambiental Reserva Marina Canal de Luis Peña (2013-2015)
ResourceGuánica hydroseeding, 2014
ResourceGuánica hydroseeding, 2013-2014
ResourceHydroseeding test plots
ResourceProgress report : Shade Coffee Roundtable Initiative in the Río Loco/Guánica Bay Watershed
ResourcePuerto Rican commercial fishermen : perceptions of marine protective measures : final report
ResourceReduction and control of sediment-laden runoff near critical coral reef ecosystems through the implementation of BMPs in Culebra, Puerto Rico
ResourceGenome-wide survey of single-nucleotide polymorphisms reveals fine-scale population structure and signs of selection in the threatened Caribbean elkhorn coral, Acropora palmata
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