U. S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), a territory of the United States, is a group of islands in the Caribbean. The islands are geographically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and are located in the Lesser Antilles. The USVI consists of three large main islands east of Puerto Rico and several smaller islands. St. Croix is the largest island, St. Thomas is the second largest, and St. John is the third largest. The total land area of the USVI is 346 km2 (134 mi2).

The biologically rich coral reef ecosystems in the USVI consist of a mosaic of benthic habitats, principally hard coral and other hard bottom areas, seagrass meadows, and mangrove forests that are home to a great diversity of organisms. These coral reef ecosystems provide, inter alia, shoreline protection and support valuable socio- economic activities. Coral reefs in the USVI and reefs elsewhere in the Caribbean face similar environmental stresses which include climate change, diseases, storms, coastal development and runoff, coastal pollution, tourism and recreation, fishing, and groundings.

Virgin Islands location map

Virgin Islands location map

Satellite image of St. John, the third largest of the U.S. Virgin islands

Satellite image of St. John, the third largest of the U.S. Virgin islands. Coral reefs in St. John generally form fringing, patch, or spur-in-groove formations that are patchily distributed around the island.



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US Virgin Islands Capacity Assessment Report and Coral Reef Conservation Timeline

Benthic Habitat Mapping

St. Thomas East End Reserves (STEER)

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Local Action Strategy

U.S. Virgin Islands Local Action Strategy Factsheet

Fisheries Local Action Strategy Projects in the US Virgin Islands: Progress and Direction

An Analysis of Issues Affecting the Management of Coral Reefs and the Associated Capacity Building Needs in the United States Virgin Islands

Watershed Management Plans

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2013 St. Thomas East End Reserves Watershed Management Plan

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Reef Base Coral Bleaching Reports - Select "U.S. Caribbean" in the region window and "Virgin Islands (U.S.)" in the Country window.

Near-real-time Data

Coral Reef Watch Satellite Monitoring

Coral Reef Watch - Virgin Islands Virtual Stations

The Global Temperature-Salinity Profile Program

NOAA/National Weather Service - Data from U.S. Virgin Islands

USGS Water Resources - Data for U.S. Virgin Islands

NOAA CO-OPS - Tide Data

NOAA Tide Predictions - Lesser Antilles & Virgin Islands

Other data

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Patterns of shore-based fishing and recreation on St. Croix, USVI

STEER Coastal Use Mapping Project

St. John BIOMapper - an interactive web tool to view maps & data

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Buck Island Reef National Monument, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

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GEOID99 Data for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands: PC format

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Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Earthquake Information

U.S. Virgin Islands Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Files

USGS Projected Flood Extent for USVI

Education and Outreach

Marine Outreach and Education US Virgin Islands Style (MOES-VI): Strategizing for Improved Outreach, Education and Communication Pertaining to USVI Marine and Fisheries Management and Conservation

Evaluation of Marine Outreach and Education USVI Style Initiative: Improving Fishing Community Awareness and Compliance

Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands - Source: 2006 CIA WORLD FACTBOOK and the Library of Congress Country Studies

Marine Protected Areas/Marine Managed Areas

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Areas of particular Concern (APC)

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Botany Bay APC

Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge

Buck Island Reef National Monument

Cas Cay - Mangrove lagoon Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary

Cas Cay - Mangrove lagoon Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary

Chocolate Hole-Great Cruz bay APC

Christiansted Waterfront APC

Compass Point Pond Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary

Coral Bay APC

Enighed Pond-Cruz Bay APC

Establishment of the Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument

Frank Bay Wildlife and Marine Sanctuary

Frederiksted Waterfront APC

Great Pond and Great Pond Bay APC

Green Cay National Wildlife Refuge

Magens Bay & Watershed APC

Mandahl Bay APC Mangrove Lagoon-Benner

Mangrove Lagoon-Benner Bay APC

MPA Global. A Database of the world’s marine protected areas: U.S. Virgin Islands

Mutton Snapper Spawning Aggregation Area

Salt River Bay National Park and Ecological Reserve

Salt River Bay & Watershed

Salt River Bay Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary Selective Bibliography: Salt River Canyon Region, St. Croix USVI

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge

Sandy Point Area of Particular Concern (APC)

Southgate Pond-Chenay Bay APC

Southshore Industrial Area APC

St.Croix East End Marine Park

St. Croix Coral Reef System APC

St. James Marine Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary

St. Thomas Harbor and Waterfront

Vessup Bay-East End APC

Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument

Virgin Islands National Park