Coral Web Feeds

NOAA's Coral Reef Information System (CoRIS) offers information to the public via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed technology. Feed content contains dynamic updates on coral and coral ecosystem-related products, publications, data, and metadata. To learn more about RSS, click here.

RSS icon Coral Ecosystem Data RSS - A dynamic listing of the most recently updated metadata records in the CoRIS repository.

RSS icon Coral Ecosystem Publications - A dynamic listing of the most recent coral ecosystem-related publications in the CoRIS virtual library.

RSS icon Coral Conservation News - News stories about coral ecosystems from around the globe; updates from the world of coral conservation; and new coral videos, interactive features, and photo galleries.

RSS icon Office of National Marine Sanctuaries
News covering your National Marine Sanctuaries and our continuing efforts to conserve our nation's ocean and coastal treasures.

RSS icon National Marine Sanctuaries Podcasts - National Marine Sanctuaries Ocean News

RSS icon NOS Now
Get the latest news from the National Ocean Service with this feed.

RSS icon NOAA's National Ocean Service: Making Waves - Making Waves is a weekly audio program bringing you the latest NOAA National Ocean Service news and information.

RSS icon National Ocean Service: Diving Deeper - Diving Deeper is a monthly program featuring discussions with NOS scientists on a wide variety of ocean topics.

RSS icon NOAA, Ocean Explorer: Signature and Summary Explorations - Follow the Explorers through their web offerings as they mount expeditions into the rarely explored ocean realms around the world. You can also retrace the previous eleven field seasons.

RSS icon Ocean Explorer Podcast
An educational offering for all who wish to learn about, discover, and virtually explore the ocean realm.

RSS icon NOAA's National Weather Service RSS Library - Dozens of feeds offering instant updates for a variety of topics ranging from severe weather warnings to current river conditions to air quality alerts.