Project Explorer - Help Page

This page provides the user a guide to use the Project Explorer


This field allows a search of the database by project title. The title search field performs an exact phrase match on the complete or partial title of the original project proposal.


This field allows for a free text search of the project summary field within the proposal.

Project Manager

This field allows a search for the name of the individual overseeing the project. Names are stored in the system as "first name last name." Enter either a person's full name or partial name to return results.

Jurisdictional Priority Site

Priority sites were selected in each jurisdiction as priorities for initial management action. These areas typically represent a ridge-to-reef approach to coral reef management and include both coral reef habitat and associated watershed areas. Given limited resources, these sites were identified through a collaborative process to identify areas of high importance where groups have agreed to work together to address common needs. The current priority sites are listed below:

  • Faga'alu
  • Vatia
  • LaoLao Bay (Saipan)
  • Garapan (Saipan)
  • Talakahaya (Rota)
  • Southeast Florida Coral Reef Initiative
  • Piti-Asan Watershed
  • Manell-Geus Watershed
  • Apra Harbor
  • Ka'anapali-Kahekili (Maui)
  • Pelekane Bay-Puako-Anaeho‘omalu Bay (Hawai‘i)
  • Culebra
  • North East Reserves
  • Cabo Rojo
  • Guanica and Marine Extension
  • Fish Bay, St. John
  • Coral Bay, St. John
  • St. Thomas East End Reserve
  • St. Croix East End Marine Park

Project ID

This field represents the project ID assigned by the internal NOAA project proposal system. As the project ID is included in some CRCP products it is included here as a search option; however, this field will have limited use as a discovery tool for those users without knowledge of the numbering scheme being utilized.

Project Category

The project category represents high level groupings that are used to bin related projects together. The current project categories and brief definitions are provided below:

  • Climate Change - projects that primarily address national or jurisdictional goals to reduce the impacts of climate change on coral reef ecosystems.
  • Fishing - projects that primarily address national of jurisdictional goals to reduce the impacts of fishing on coral reef ecosystems.
  • Land-based Sources of Pollution (LBSP) - projects that primarily address national or jurisdictional goals to reduce the impacts of LBSP on coral reef ecosystems.
  • Mapping - projects that support the collection of primary mapping data or the development of derivative map products in the support of coral reef conservation.
  • National Monitoring - projects that support the National Coral Reef Monitoring Program (NCRMP) implementation.
  • International Project - projects that fund internal NOAA project managers to support coral reef conservation in international areas.
  • Other Domestic or Global Project - projects that focus on topics that don't clearly align with one of the above categories.


Geographic coverage refers to the spatial coverage (latitude and longitude box) of the overall project. Please note that in most cases project proposals do not include the exact geographic coordinates of where work will be conducted. For search purposes the projects have been geocoded based on the information provided in the region field. For example, a project occurring in the Florida Keys would have a region of Florida in the database; therefore, the coordinates entered during geocoding would represent the entire state of Florida, even though the work is occurring in only a portion of the state.

Project Funding Year

Select projects based on the year in which they were funded. If projects have received funding over multiple years enter in either a single year or a range of years to select the project.

Other Search Terms

Use the free text search box to search for terms in all fields within the project description record. Advanced search options may restrict searches to a specific field. Once the desired search criteria has been selected press "Search" to execute the query.

Associated Products

Each project contains a link for associated products. This link executes a search of the CoRIS website which returns products that have been produced from this project. If no products have been entered into the system a message stating that the search returned no results will be displayed. Note: this message will be more common for recently funded projects as the work has not been completed yet.