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ResourceCommonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Division of Environmental Quality Office of the Governor Talakhaya/Sabana conservation action plan
ResourceAn analysis of issues affecting the management of coral reefs and the associated capacity building needs in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
ResourceTalakhaya watershed soil loss assessment (CNMI)
ResourceManagaha campaign impact report : Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
ResourceCoral Reef Initiative Education and Outreach Program
ResourceLong-term Marine Monitoring Program final report : NA13NOS4820010, award period October 1, 2013- September 30, 2016
ResourceCoral reef condition: A status report for the Northern Marinia Islands
ResourceCruise report, NOAA Ship Oscar Elton Sette, Cruise 05-10 (OES-32) and Cruise 05-11 (OES-33), Marianas Archipelago: (Saipan, Guguan, Pagan, Asuncion, Uracas, Maug, Supply Reef, Agrihan, Alamagan, Zelandia Bank, Sarigan, Anatahan, Pathfinder, Arakane, Tinian, Aguijan, and Rota)
ResourceCruise report, NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai, Cruise HI-07-03, 25 May-09 June 2007, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
ResourceNational Coral Reef Monitoring Program Socioeconomic Monitoring Component: Summary Findings for CNMI, 2016
ResourcePacific Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program. Fish monitoring brief : Northern Mariana Archipelago, 2014
ResourceSpatiotemporal trends in benthic and reef fish communities in the Mariana Archipelago
ResourceThe economic value of the coral reefs of Saipan, commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
ResourceAdapting to a Changing Climate Workshop report, Saipan, CNMI, March 4-8, 2013
ResourceRain Garden Installation Clinic, CNMI Museum of Culture and History, Saipan, April 25-26, 2012
ResourceChemical contaminants in corals (Pocillopora damicornis) in Tinian, CNMI
ResourceExploring co-management in Tanapag Village, Saipan, CNMI
ResourceMicrobial Source Tracking of Fecal Indicating Bacteria in Coral Reef Waters, Recreational Waters, and Groundwater of Saipan by Real-Time Quantitative PCR
ResourceCoral reef resilience to climate change in Saipan, CNMI, field-based assessments, and implications for vulnerability and future management
ResourceGarapan Watershed Conservation Action Plan
ResourceCruise report, NOAA Ship Hi`ialakai, cruise HA-11-01, Legs II and III, 7 April - 9 May 2011, Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)
ResourceCoastal use and management at Laolao Bay : a follow-up SEM-Pasifika study of resource users at Laolao Bay Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), September 29 to November 10, 2014
ResourceCampaign impact report : Laolao Bay pride campaign, September 12-September 2014
ResourceLength-weight Relationships for 83 Reef and Bottomfish Species from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
ResourceProject Report: NOAA Ship Rainier, RA-22-01, Rainier Integrates Charting, Hydrography, and Reef Demographics (RICHARD)
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