OA Impacts on Coral Reefs

NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

A short (16-sec) animation of past, present and future Aragonite Saturation Levels as it relates to coral reef habitats. This can be used as supplement to OA classroom presentations.

OA and Calcification Simulation


Simulation with inputs for time, water temperature increase and CO2 increase, linked to changes in calcification response in corals, and showing resulting levels of aragonite saturation level, dissolved CO2, and carbonate concentrations. Online simulation part of OA Data-in-the-Classroom module:

CO2 Lab Preparation

Stanford University (with funding from NSF)

Simulation is an option set up preparation for OA Virtual Lab experiment. Students set up the experiment for sea urchin larval growth under different pH conditions. Starts by preparing equipment and replicates many of the steps needed to set up the real experiment.

To access this Flash simulation download the content of the zip to your computer and double click the co2labbench.exe

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