US Coral Reef Monitoring Data Summary 2018

The data summary report consists of a report for each of the priority geographic areas. The reports for each area have three sections: Human Connections, Coral Reefs and Reef Fish, and Ocean Chemistry and Temperature.

Human Connections: This section presents data from social surveys and secondary information sources on demographics, values, resource use, information sources; perceptions of resource condition, threats and severity; and, perceptions of reef management policies.

Coral Reefs and Reef Fish: This section presents data on benthic cover, adult and juvenile coral density, coral disease and coral mortality, the biomass and size-class distribution of reef fish, and the presence or absence of ESA-listed corals.

Ocean Chemistry and Temperature: This section presents data on aragonite saturation state, calcification accretion, pH, sub-surface temperature, and remotely sensed observations of temperature anomalies and thermal stress from NOAA Coral Reef Watch.

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Human Connections

Report Section Summary Data Source Data
Human Connections - All Human Connections - All USVI
Puerto Rico
South Florida
American Samoa

Coral Reefs

Report Section Summary Data Source Data
USVI Atlantic/Caribbean - Benthic Data USVI - Coral Reef Benthic Communities
Puerto Rico Atlantic/Caribbean - Benthic Data Puerto Rico - Coral Reef Benthic Communities
South Florida Atlantic/Caribbean - Benthic Data Florida Reef Tract - Coral Reef Benthic Communities
Flower Garden Banks Atlantic/Caribbean - Benthic Data Flower Garden Banks - Coral Reef Benthic Communities
Hawaii Pacific - Benthic Data Hawaii
American Samoa Pacific - Benthic Data American Samoa
Guam/CNMI Pacific - Benthic Data Guam/CNMI
Pacific Remote Island Areas (PRIAs) Pacific - Benthic Data PRIAs

Reef Fish

Report Section Summary Data Source Data
USVI St. Croix
St. Thomas/St. John
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
South Florida Dry Tortugas
Florida Keys
Southeast Florida
Florida Reef Tract
Hawaii Pacific Site Level Data
Pacific Summary Data
Hawaiian Archipelago
American Samoa Pacific Site Level Data
Pacific Summary Data
American Samoa
Guam/CNMI Pacific Site Level Data
Pacific Summary Data
Mariana Archipelago
Pacific Remote Island Areas (PRIAs) Pacific Site Level Data
Pacific Summary Data

Ocean Chemistry and Temperature

Title Summary Data Source Data
Aragonite Saturation State - Atlantic Atlantic Atlantic - Carbonate Chemistry
Aragonite Saturation State - Pacific Aragonite Saturation State Pacific - Carbonate Chemistry
Diurnal pH - Atlantic Diurnal pH Atlantic - Carbonate Chemistry
Diurnal pH - Pacific Lisianski Island Tutulia Island Maug Island Jarvis Island
Subsurface Temperature - Atlantic Atlantic - Subsurface Temperature Data Florida - Subsurface Temperature
USVI - Subsurface Temperature
Subsurface Temperature - Pacific Hawaii (Big Island)/Lisanski Comparison Tutulia/Swains Comparison Guam/Pagan Comparison Palmyra/Jarvis Comparison Subsurface Temperature
Calcium Carbonate Accretion - Pacific Calcification Summary Data Calcification Rates
Depth Corrected Degree Heating Weeks (DHW) Depth Corrected - DHW Source Data
Heat Stress and Coral Bleaching Composite Images Daily Global 5km Satellite Coral
Bleaching Heat Stress Monitoring Suite (v 3.0 & 3.1)