Featured Archive - 2014 Publications

Below is a sampling of publications generated by NOAA's coral ecosystem activities in 2014. To access a complete list of NOAA coral ecosystem related publications, use the CoRIS Geoportal
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Marine Protected Areas of the US Virgin Islands: Ecological Performance Report

This report is the first time that an assessment of ecological performance has been conducted for MPAs in the USVI. A decade of underwater surveys was analyzed to detect trends on coral reefs inside MPAs and for a similar range of habitats outside of MPAs. The information, data synthesis, interpretation and recommendations are intended to help focus management actions and goal setting, inform outreach products and adjust expectations regarding ecological performance for MPAs in the region. The data presented here provide important baselines required for tracking MPA performance through future monitoring efforts.

Interrelationships between corals and fisheries

This book is the result of NOAA CRCP's sponsored workshop held by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council in Tampa, Florida, 20-22 May 2013, where world authorities came together to discuss the current and emerging threats as well as challenges and opportunities for managing corals and associated fisheries.

A Quick Guide to Southeast Florida's coral reefs

This document provides recommendations on how to protect Florida reefs from local stressors.

Marine Outreach and Education US Virgin Islands Style (MOES-VI): Strategizing for Improved Outreach, Education and Communication Pertaining to USVI Marine and Fisheries Management and Conservation

This report provides a description of existing marine outreach and education programs and implementation gaps in the US Virgin Islands (USVI) as well as a series of action recommendations to improve communication efforts.

Stormwater management in Pacific and Caribbean Islands: A practitioner's guide to implementing LID

This guide is intended for designers, engineers, agencies, and others in the Pacific and Caribbean islands who are familiar with stormwater concepts and interested in alternatives to ponding basins and detention ponds for managing stormwater.

Deep Sea Research and Technology Program 2014 Report to Congress

This report, prepared in consultation with the Regional Fishery Management Councils, highlights the discovery of deep-sea coral habitats and other progress made in the nationwide research by NOAA's Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program in 2012 and 2013.