Featured Archive - 2018 Publications

Below is a sampling of publications generated by NOAA's coral ecosystem activities in 2018. To access a complete list of NOAA coral ecosystem related publications, use the CoRIS Geoportal
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National Coral Reef Monitoring Program Socioeconomic Monitoring Component: Summary Findings for Hawaii, 2015

This report outlines human dimensions information relevant to coral reef resources in the state of Hawai'i. The study findings were derived from a combination of data gathered through household surveys conducted in November of 2014, and additional secondary sources of socioeconomic information for the region. Survey results show that Hawai'i residents participate in swimming and beach recreation most frequently. The study also revealed that the majority of Hawai'i residents support a range of potential marine management policies and regulations, and are for the most part familiar with the various threats faced by coral reefs (such as hurricanes, pollution, and coastal development).