Featured Archive - 2007 Publications

Below is a sampling of publications generated by NOAA's coral ecosystem activities in 2007. To access a complete list of NOAA coral ecosystem related publications, use the CoRIS Geoportal
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CRCP Roadmap for the Future

In 2007, the Coral Reef Conservation Program (CRCP) underwent an external review by a panel of recognized experts in coral reef resource science and management to provide an independent assessment of the CRCP's effectiveness in meeting its goals and to suggest recommendations for future improvement. After the review, there was a need to translate the recommendations of the panel into tangible guidelines and activities to steer the CRCP towards the changes recommended. In response to the panel’s report, the CRCP developed a Roadmap for the Future, laying out new principles and priorities for the future of the Program.

Coral Disease and Health Workshop: Coral Histopathology II

The coral histopathology workshop was convened to establish a framework to systematically study coral pathologies by drawing upon the field of diagnostic medicine and pathology while using generally accepted nomenclature.

The State of Deep Coral Ecosystems of the United States

The State of Deep Coral Ecosystems of the United States provides an up-to-date assessment of deep coral ecosystems in U.S. waters including: the biology of deep corals and their associated species, their spatial distribution, the stressors that may threaten their survival, current management measures, and regional priorities for future research.

NOAA's Coral Reef Ecosystem Research Plan for Fiscal Years 2007 to 2011

The NOAA Coral Reef Ecosystem Research Plan is NOAA’s first agency-wide coral reef ecosystem research plan.  Covering all coral reef ecosystems under the jurisdiction of the U.S. and Pacific Freely Associated States, the plan provides a national perspective on the research needed to address the range of stresses affecting the health of coral reef ecosystems, summarizes the management and other issues that will drive research at the regional level, and focuses on the use of research to guide effective implementation of ecosystem-based management strategies.