Featured Archive - 2024 Publications

Below is a sampling of publications generated by NOAA's coral ecosystem activities in 2024. To access a complete list of NOAA coral ecosystem related publications, use the CoRIS Geoportal
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National Coral Reef Monitoring Program Socioeconomic Monitoring Component: Summary Findings for Puerto Rico, 2022

The Socioeconomic Component of the National Coral Reef Monitoring Program (NCRMP) gathers and monitors a collection of socioeconomic data in seven U.S. coral jurisdictions. The team continued its second monitoring cycle with data collection in Puerto Rico in 2022, and recently released their report of summary findings along with two new infographics. The report outlines current human dimensions information relevant to coral reef resources in Puerto Rico, as well as trends between the first (2015) and second monitoring cycles (2022), The report is accompanied by an infographic for the 2022 findings and a second infographic for the trends. Results are representative of the resident population of Puerto Rico as a whole, as well as strata for the coastal north, inland, and coastal south regions.