Field Manual for Investigating Coral Disease Outbreaks

Field Manual for Investigating Coral Disease Outbreaks

The Field Manual for Investigating Coral Disease Outbreaks is intended to serve as an operational guide to coordinate effective, informative responses by outbreak response teams to unusual incidents of coral disease or mortalities. It was developed as an aid to provide context and consistency for outbreak investigations and to help train coral disease outbreak response teams so that coordinated response operations can be executed.  Chapter 1 provides a rationale for the need to study coral disease and respond to disease outbreaks.  Chapter 2 identifies elements critical in the advanced planning process and includes issues such as regulatory and permitting authorities, criteria for mounting a response, and logistical considerations.  Chapter 3 is dedicated to describing ICS structure, the functional roles and responsibilities of response team members, and its operation as it has been adapted to Coral Disease Outbreak Investigations.  Chapter 4 focuses on the methodologies for collecting field data, samples and preservation techniques to preserve sample integrity suitable for laboratory analyses.  Since coral disease field investigations by their very nature require underwater operations, Chapter 5 addresses safety precautions on the boat, by response divers and during field laboratory operations.

Citation:  Woodley, C.M., Bruckner, A.W., McLenon, A.L., Higgins, J.L., Galloway, S.B. and Nicholson, J.H. 2008. Field Manual for Investigating Coral Disease Outbreaks. NOAA Technical Memorandum NOS NCCOS 80 and CRCP 6. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Silver Spring, MD 85pp.

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