Release of the Fiscal Years (FY) 2020-2021 Implementation of the Coral Reef Conservation Program Report

As part of ongoing efforts, the Coral Program regularly provides a summary report on its projects, partnerships, and planning process. These activities are all geared toward implementing the Coral Program's strategic plan which aims to:

  • Increase resilience to climate change;
  • Reduce land-based sources of pollution;
  • Improve fisheries' sustainability; and,
  • Restore viable coral populations.
Graphic with the title Vision at the top followed by four columns of text describing the Coral Program's strategic vision.
The Coral Program's strategic vision includes four pillars with specific strategies for each pillar.
Key Achievements:

The report covers coral reef ecosystem-related research and management activities conducted by NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Program (the Coral Program) during Fiscal Years 2020-21 and reflects the goals and objectives of the Coral Program Strategic Plan. The Coral Program continued to adapt and respond to emerging issues, such as coral disease mitigation and restoration techniques. Some key examples include:

The Coral Program is leading efforts to study and conserve coral reef resources for current and future generations. The NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program brings together expertise from across NOAA for a multidisciplinary approach to studying these complex ecosystems to inform more effective management. For more, head over to our website.

A scuba diver swims over orange branching coral in clear blue water.
A diver swims over a restored staghorn reef. Credit: Coral Reef Foundation.

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