Field Guide to the Corals of Fiji

A colony of Stylaster sp., Fiji.

A colony of Stylaster sp., Fiji. Photo copyright Douglas Fenner.

Fiji consists of over 330 islands with some of the most extensive coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific. The archipelago is home to hundreds of reef-building coral species, many of which are difficult to identify even by experts. This field guide to over 200 species of the most common corals in Fiji provides a resource for coral reef scientists, managers, monitoring teams, and anyone else interested in learning about reef-building corals. Corals are presented in the conventional taxonomic order, because it puts corals that are morphologically similar together, which facilitates learning to distinguish them. A few modifications of that order have been introduced to help put similar looking species closer together. This guide presently has 224 coral species in 62 genera.


Field Guide to the Corals of Fiji: (full report, pdf 151 MB)


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